Rowdy Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm

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From MrReed314

I love them both. But the more vids I see of Holly the more convinced I am that she could beat Ronda based on several points. 1.) Ronda’s striking has gotten better, but she is not at all in the same league as Holly. No one in the Bantam is even close. Holly won 23 championship boxing fights, and held the belts in 3 weight categories at one time. Plus she is the amateur kickboxing champ. That says a lot right there. A massive amount of experience. Most of the fighters in the bantam don’t even have 12-15 fights. Holly’s boxing record is a scary 33-2-3. and when added to her now 9-0 MMA, that equals 42-2-3. And that is a hell of a lot of experience. She won’t be so stupid as to go to the mat with Ronda. She will dance and pick Ronda apart from long distance because that is her game. 2.) Problem with RR is that she is 12-0. 3 TKOs. The rest are grappling. That is her game. She is like Cyborg in the fact that he striking style is to simply bull-rush her opponent to the cage, and then just bang on them. Being quick on your feet is not a prerequisite. And she has never been hurt much at all, when you put your opponent down on the mat, you don’t get hit much. But no one she has ever faced is as a light and quick as Holly on her feet when moving or striking. Her combos with both legs and fists are awesome and super-fast. Holly is the only pure kickboxer in the bantamweight, and a lefty to boot. That is going to confuse a lot of other fighters. Others are good strikers, like Cat and Kendzie, but they, like all the others, are flat footed and slow. 3.) Because all of Ronda’s fights have always been against those who basically have the same style, she has always been able to ‘catch’ them and put them on the ground. And then it’s over. But the big question is if she can catch Holly? I personally don’t think she can. Ronda’s style is not speed, but just getting them on the mat. She won’t have any other choice than to chase HH around the cage to try and catch her. And take shot after shot after shot after shot as she does it. She doesn’t have any other option. **If Ronda cannot catch Holly, then she will learn real quick about what broken noses, bruised livers, swollen lips, and black eyes, etc are all about. How much pain can RR take? Good question, there.** **But if RR can get HH down on the mat, she will break HH into pieces. But, again, she has never faced anyone so fast.”*