Logo Changes Based Upon Page

October 23, 2015

How can I show different logos for different pages? I’ve been asked this several times. This time I’ll show you how to achieve this in the Divi theme.

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You’re an IDIOT if you don’t use a child theme.

Wang Chung

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Step 1

Open header.php in the child theme folder. If it does not exist, copy header.php from the Divi theme folder into your child theme folder.

Step 2

Before we go crazy here, take a look at the WordPress codex page that details the methods to be employed. I won’t judge you if you choose not to 🙂 When you’ve steeled your nerves, pop open the toggle to reveal the code we’ll be adding to header.php.

Open for Editing header.php


 Settings => Reading and uses the logo as setup in Divi Options.
	if ( is_front_page( )) {    



Copy the code in the toggle above and paste it in, replacing the following code that exists. Find in header.php, starting around line 92 (yours may be different):




Copy Paste Text in header.php

Grab The Files

Take the easy road to success by grabbing header.php here and dropping ‘er into your child theme folder. Note: if you have edited your existing header.php, you won’t want to use my file 🙂