Logo Changes Based Upon Page

Logo Changes Based Upon Page

23rd October 2015

How can I show different logos for different pages? I’ve been asked this several times. This time I’ll show you how to achieve this in the Divi theme.

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You’re an IDIOT if you don’t use a child theme.

Wang Chung

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Step 1

Open header.php in the child theme folder. If it does not exist, copy header.php from the Divi theme folder into your child theme folder.

Step 2

Before we go crazy here, take a look at the WordPress codex page that details the methods to be employed. I won’t judge you if you choose not to 🙂 When you’ve steeled your nerves, pop open the toggle to reveal the code we’ll be adding to header.php.

Open for Editing header.php
Copy the code in the toggle above and paste it in, replacing the following code that exists. Find in header.php, starting around line 92 (yours may be different):




Copy Paste Text in header.php

Grab The Files

Take the easy road to success by grabbing header.php here and dropping ‘er into your child theme folder. Note: if you have edited your existing header.php, you won’t want to use my file 🙂