Fancy Folded Blockquote Layout

May 16, 2016

Finally, an easy-peasy way to glam up your content with my Fancy Folded Blockquote Divi layout.

Aenean leo ligula, porttitor eu, consequat vitae, eleifend ac, enim. Suspendisse eu ligula. Sed in libero ut nibh placerat accumsan. Sed cursus turpis vitae tortor. Duis leo.

– Flash Buddy, Fort Collins, CO



  1. Navigate to Dashboard => Divi => Divi Library and import layout.
  2. Upload Images, then select the url of your preferred image.
  3. Create or open Page or Post.
  4. Add layout from library.
  5. Edit text module content, Advanced Design Settings and Custom CSS
    1. Open the text module for editing. Edit the quote text as desired.
    2. Edit Advanced settings: Choose a custom font, set the font size and color.
    3. Edit Custom CSS: Replace background url with url of image with your desired color. See video or screenshots.


Grab the files and get started right now!

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