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Getting Started
Get up and running with WordPress. If you are the ‘book’ type, your local book store will have several titles available on working with WordPress. If you choose to purchase a “How To” WordPress book, look for the most recent publications.WordPress has had many robust updates as of late. In reality, I expect you will most likely figure it out as you go along, so log in and get started with adding and or editing pages, posts etcetera. Please note, this information is not specific to your site, but instead is a general guide that will suit most WordPress websites.

Getting Found in Search Engines
When editing content verbiage, understand that keywords and phrases need to be used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Try to use terms you would expect your prospects to type into a search engine to find products, goods and or services such as yours. Overuse of those will result in your website being penalized by search engines instead of helped. Google SEO Best Practices for more info. Understand that there is much more to SEO than this. When your are ready, call your web guru and get his help!

Get Help
Google and or Bing are Your Friends :: The quickest and easiest way to get help would be searching Google or Bing for solutions to your questions.

Where to Get Images

For Adding Images to Posts, Pages, Headers, Backgrounds and Featured Sliders :: The best course of action is to purchase quality stock photography from online stock houses. I have an account at and can recommend them, though they can be a tad pricey. Photos for web use cost about two to ten dollars, depending upon the quality and or the photographer. If your a cheapskate; granted, we all have our moments, then I recommend using one of the many free image sites.

Recommended sizes vary with a users overall site design. Most website designs are approximately 960 pixels wide. Here are some general guidelines. Note, all sizes are in pixels.

Full Page Headers and Sliders – 1920 X 1080
Header Images – 1080 X 350
Posts/Pages: 1080 X 608

Learn more about WordPress image use and functions:

Stock Photo Resources

Paid Stock Photos :: Here are the paid stock photo sites I’ve enjoyed using:

Editing Resources

Edit Your Photos Online :: This is how one can size ones images to appropriate web specs.

Desktop Photo Re-Sizing :: Great for heavy users or those that just hate doing things online. There are many programs that will run on a Mac or PC and allow one to manipulate photos in a variety of ways.

These custom video tutorials will guide you through the site specific functions one needs to know when managing website content via the page/post editor. While this is not your theme in the sample tutorial videos, the same concepts and techniques hold true.

Photo Gallery
Add a photo gallery to your WordPress posts and/or pages.
Learn »

Adding Images
Adding and positioning images in your WordPress posts and/or pages.
Learn »

Additional shortcodes for use in the page/post edit screens. Most themes have built in shortcodes these days. You may have more shortcodes than you can shake a stick at! …though the shortcodes presented here are rarely found. Find more info on shortcodes here» (opens new window)

Clear All
Usage: [ clear ] – Creates a hard break between elements. Most commonly used to force a new line to begin below an image instead of text or other content trying to wrap around the image, creating a jumbled unsightly mess of your content.

Used to create vertical space between elements. Often times with WordPress’ built in stripping functions, pressing enter, or shift enter will not move content down as one would like.
Usage: [ spaceme height=xx ] – Where xx is a number denoting the height one wants in pixels. Default is 5px.

Custom shortcode for private content visible to site admins and editors, but not the public. Typically used to add notes to remind yourself, or instruct others who may be editing the same content as to some specifics regarding the content, or anything else on your mind.
Usage: [ hidden ] – This is a personal note that only admins and editors can see![ /hidden ]

Custom Shortcodes
Your web guru can create custom shortcodes that will perform complex tasks, thus sparing you getting your hands dirty with CSS, HTML, Javascript or other coding techniques. If you dare to dream…

Read more about shortcodes»

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