Professional Photos

Photoshoot Pamper Party


  1. Create background sized to 1200x1100px
  2. Create Camera Star transparent png
  3. Grab some girls

Standard Section
Row-1 = Two Columns hero image left and text on right.
Row-2 = Three Columns  for three girl photos

Section Settings
Added background images
Added custom CSS:
background-size: contain;

In Row 2 settings custom CSS ‘before’ input box:
content: url(;
position: absolute;
top: -35%;
left: -25px;
z-index: 1;

Will need media queries to deal with background and camera images as viewport narrows 🙂

Glitter Girls Builder Settings

Grab the Glitter Girl Files

Have some fun with the Glitter Girls. Archive includes all files used and an XML file you can use to import the layout.

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