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September 13, 2017

I start every Divi website project by installing a child theme. Of course it is my own flavor, aptly named DiviChild. Surprising to the non-coders out there, WordPress child themes don’t have much going on. They draw their power from the parent theme of which they are a child of. The same goes for Divi. My DiviChild theme is simple and straight forward. It is designed to give me (or any developer) a clean slate from which to start developing a new WordPress website on.


I’ve added a few (very few) bells and whistles. Found in the child theme functions.php file, they incorporate a couple tools that I find myself using over and over. For example, I sometimes find it necessary to add a little padding or margin between elements in a text module, blurb module, or other module that accepts text content. Instead of relying on writing out the css, I simply drop in my child theme’s pre-canned shortcode to accelerate the process.


Before :: <div style=”margin-top: 12px; width: 100%; display: block;”>some content </div>

After: [ spaceme height=”12″ ]

I can throw that in anywhere in the content as needed 🙂


I observed how the original Elegant Themes shortcodes are still packaged in the Divi theme, but for the cute icon buttons, the css has the wrong url! My DiviChild theme has corrections for this built in.


In the old days, we could pull in the Font Awesome css but wouldn’t you know it, that url no longer works. Don’t fret, my Divi child theme has FontAwesome built in.


Flash Buddy’s child theme for Divi.

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